Main Civil Structure of In-depth Water Saving Modification Project in Anqing Power Plant Smoothly Completed

Recently, all main civil structures of the In-depth Water Saving Modification Project in Anqing Power Plant with ECEPDI as the EPC contractor were smoothly completed, laying a solid foundation for the completion and operation of the project.


The project is based on the existing facilities, for comprehensive harnessing and planning of wastewater in the whole plant for plant water sources and quality, including the new circulation sewage water discharge and treatment system, modification of the sludge treatment system of the clean water station, the ash and slag water system and the firefighting water pipes and other odd work items. Since the start of the project, the management team kept on optimizing the construction plan and enhancing resource allocation, overcame detrimental factors such as hot weather in summer, heavy rainfall, pandemic and snow in winter, and ensured smooth progress of all works. After the implementation of the project, all wastewater in Anqing Power Plant will be recycled in an economic and efficient manner, obtaining good economic return while achieving good social and environmental benefits. 

Next, the Project Management team will, led by the Company leaders at all levels, continue to overcome difficulties and meet challenges, and implement “careful design and high-quality service” in work, to ensure the successful completion of all works.

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