DCS Reconstruction Project using Domestically Developed Products Smoothly Put into Operation for Unit 5 in Anhui Huainan Luoneng Power Generation Co., Ltd.
With ECEPDI as EPC Contractor

On January 20, 2022, the DCS reconstruction project using domestically developed products for Unit 5 in Anhui Huainan Luoneng Power Generation Co., Ltd., with ECEPDI as EPC Contractor, smoothly passed the load changing test, and the system was smoothly put into operation after all site construction and commissioning was completed, marking the first successful application of the HOLLiAS MACS IC fully domestically developed DCS product in a 600MW class ultra-supercritical coal-fired power unit. 

Unit 5 of Luoneng Company is a 630MW supercritical coal-fired unit put into operation in 2008, its DCS, DEH and MEH were originally the Symphony distributed control systems produced by ABB Company, and its ETS and METS were respectively controlled by AB and Schneider PLC. In this project, the DCS, MEH and METS of Unit 5 and the common DCS of Units 5/6 were reconstructed, and works of product selection, engineering design, configuration and testing, equipment supply, site construction and commissioning, technical support and guidance were all implemented in the EPC contract. The original DCS and PLC control systems were removed, and substituted with the HOLLiAS MACS IC fully domestically developed DCS product, and more advanced control strategy is used to realize and improve all functions of the original control system. The DEH and ETS were reconstructed synchronously by Shanghai Turbine Factory with the identical hardware, to form an integrated control system with the DCS.

The software and hardware of the HOLLiAS MACS IC fully domestically developed DCS platform are full-domestic-made and autonomous controllable, all system assemblies are made with full-domestic-made elements, the system software was autonomously developed on the basis of China-made operating system, and the OT/IT deep integration technologies were adopted, to realize integrated management and control. In addition, the master control unit of the system has built-in independent and credible security protection system, as the first endogenous security DCS control system, with a number of built-in security audit and data encryption algorithms, to meet the requirements of information security.

During the site implementation of the project, class A maintenance and comprehensive modification was also made for Unit 5 to upgrade supercritical parameters to ultra-supercritical, involving dismantle inspection, replacement and modification in large scope for local process system and equipment, causing great difficulties for the design, configuration, construction, wiring and commissioning of the DCS system of the project. Also, this project is the first application of the HOLLiAS MACS IC fully domestically developed DCS products in a 600MW class ultra-supercritical coal-fired power unit, to ensure its reliable operation, a lot of new system testing and software and hardware optimization work were arranged on site. At the beginning of the project implementation, both ECEPDI and HOLLiAS dispatched competent personnel to form site project teams. It took four and half months for the site construction and commissioning, both the EPC Project Management of ECEPDI and HOLLiAS project team demonstrated stringent work style, high professional ability and excellent sense of service, they optimized design and did careful management, and obtained full affirmation by the customer in all aspects of quality and schedule control, risk identification and disposal, safe and orderly work.

The smooth operation of the new system in the project has greatly improved the performance and automation level of the control system of Unit 5 in Luoneng Company, and can reduce unit anomaly or load reduction caused by fault in control system and improve the reliability and economic performance of the unit operation; the use of the new fully domestically developed product has eliminated the security risk and spare part procurement risk for the control system, with important significance in lowering the O&M cost, optimizing O&M personnel staffing, increasing the return of the enterprise, and guaranteed the supply chain security, information security and function security in the traditional industrial control security application field, thus ensuring the energy security of the country. In the next step, the project team will continue to make persistent efforts in the work attitude of “careful design, quality service”, and constantly summarize the design and management experience, to provide customers with high quality products and services.

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