General Contracting Project Team of East China Electric Power Design Institute for 500 kV GIS Renovation of Beilun Power Plant
When the spring comes and flowers blossom, a piece of good news arrives. General contracting project team of East China Electric Power Design Institute for 500 kV GIS renovation of Beilun Power Plant won the title of winning team in the 2018-2019 national "Ankang Cup" competition (Shanghai Division).

Beilun Power Plant's 500kV GIS renovation project has high technical difficulties, high safety risks, and tight schedules. The power generation branch has carefully planned and dispatched the elite team to form a general contract project team for 500kV GIS renovation of Beilun Power Plant. The project construction period coincided with the continuous rainy days that occur once every 100 years in Ningbo. In order to ensure the progress, quality and construction safety, the project team dynamically adjusted the schedule every day according to the progress of the day and the subsequent weather conditions, and arranged special personnel to be responsible for the management of sulfur hexafluoride, ensuring that the pressure and micro water content of each gas chamber meet the requirements.

Through one hundred and four days of unremitting efforts, the project team, with careful organization and scientific management, worked hard to successfully complete the safety, occupational health, environment, quality, and progress goals of the renovation project, which has been well received by the construction party and the participating parties.

The honor of the "Ankang Cup" winning team is not only an acknowledgement of the previous work of the team members, but also an affirmation of the unified planning and full support of East China Electric Power Design Institute. It urges the staff of East China Electric Power Design Institute to continuously improve management and strengthen core capacity building, so as to better serve the strategic goal of building an "international first-class engineering consulting company".


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